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G5 cable motion gym system - WellnessOutlet

This product is no longer in stock


3 000,00€

The Life Fitness G5 station is a home appliance that takes up little space but is fully equipped to practice endless exercises. It has three pairs of pulleys for a wide range of integral workouts. Includes an Explanatory DVD to advance in workout with a personal instructor who will guide you through the two types of workouts and also includes an exercise book showing how to accomplish more than 60 exercises, as well as exercise magnetic cards. The accessories included with the G5 station are: 73 kg double weight pack with case, 3 pairs of ergonomic handles from the soft grip, foot bracket, thigh strap and traditional handle handle bar and hooks. Optional accessories are: multi-stand bench - The high durability and highest quality Life Fitness components guarantee a long life of the product. Technical features: - Movement type: Cable, defined by the user - Weight Pack: 72.6 kg - Dimensions: 130 x 137 x 210 cm