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Dual Adjustable Pulley ( CMDAP)

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2 049,18€

In response to the needs of functional training and advanced training options, the Dual Adjustable Pulley Life Fitness is the right solution for every gym The 1: 4 ratio on the weight pack allows a low initial effort, ideal for beginner users Or out of shape. It also allows for faster movement speed, suitable for sports training The dual cylinder (or pulley housing) mechanism makes it easier and quicker to adjust. The 20 column adjustment positions allow you to perform a wide variety of exercises. Standard Accessories Kit includes 9 different handles, an artwork poster and a training CD, all the tools you need for a truly complete muscle enhancement program. Accessories include: 2 Straight Court Handles, 2 Long Tail Handles, 1 Strappage Ankle, 1 Leg Extension / Leg Curl Strap, 1 Long Bar, 1 Short Bar, 1 Triceps Cord. Weight Machine 575 kg Package Weight 2 x 195 kg Dimensions (W x To H x D) 112 cm x 157 cm x 236 cm Product Code CMDAP

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