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Recline Technogym Artis - Wellness Outlet


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2 500,00€

Recline Technogym Artis - Special offer

Remanufactured product - 12 months warranty - List price 7.700€ - Transport costs and VAT excluding.

  • Comfortable climb
  • Adaptable backrest
  • Compatible with Apple Watch
  • Integrated fast track control system

10 450,00€

-7 950,00€

Reduced price!

ARTIS® Recline is ideal for users with mobility limitations that require moderate cardiac stress but need more comfort. Especially suitable for the elderly and for all those who have weight problems.

ARTIS® increases the elegance of Wellness environments and helps users to perform natural movements, thanks to the frame-free geometry and the engaging digital content. The equipment uses Energy harvesting technology, which inputs the energy produced by users directly into the building's electricity grid, contributing to the energy saving of the gym.

Height 1500 mm.
Length 1100 mm.
Width 520 mm.
Net Weight 150 kg.

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