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Recline personal - Wellness Outlet

This product is no longer in stock


3 000,00€

Length (mm | in) 1370
Width (mm | in) 620
Height (mm | in) 1400
Weight (kg | lbs) 70 | 154
Maximum user weight (kg | lbs) 180

Power supply 100-230 Vac 50/60 Hz
Language selection at the start of training
Functions and accessories as standard
Telemetric heart rate monitor (CPR), user manual and maintenance kit
UNITY integrated digital platform (15.6 ")
Total number of programs 19 - Quick start, Objectives (Time, Distance, Calories), CPR, Profiles (6 predefined), Create a profile, Training Zone, Weight Loss, Virtual Training, Most Popular (Hills; Hi-low blocks; Burn Out; Cross Training) Submaximal Test
Fitness Test, Smart Test
Resistance min 70 rpm 30-500
Plug & Play System
User min / max height (cm | ft) 205
Available languages ​​23 - US English, UK English, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Danish, Italian, Arabic, Korean, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Polish , Jew.
Integrated webcam
Adjusted workouts on the heartbeat using the Hand Sensor
FC monitoring
Hand sensor, Telemetry
Energy consumption 50 VA
Goal Oriented Display
Fast Track Control with Visual Setup
UNITY display option (15.6 ")
Difficulty levels 1 - 25
Calorie Coach
Power supply 90-264 VAC
Hand Sensor

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