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Run excite now 700 visio - Technogym Excite - Wellness Outlet

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Run excite now 700 visio - Technogym Excite - Wellness Outlet

Have you ever thought of being able to connect to the internet even in the gym, while pedaling on a bike or running on a treadmill? Maybe you do not know that the tool to do it already exists: it's called VISIOWEB and is an interactive display that you can find on the Excite® + cardio equipment, on the Run Personal VISIOWEB home treadmill or on the Recline Personal bike. 20 minutes of web, social, news, tv and radio With VISIOWEB, while you train, you can surf the web, update your status on Facebook and Twitter, but also manage the contents of your iPod and iPhone or other multimedia devices connected via USB. If you are engaged in intense training, like running on the treadmill at a high speed, you can watch TV, learn about the exercise you are performing or discover the latest news from your gym. 20 minutes to capture the attention of your customers If you are the owner of a club, with VISIOWEB you have a tool to talk to your customers. No more bulletin boards full of sheets that no one has time to read, no more paper: with the Communicator software, supplied with the hardware, you can quickly send communications, promotions and surveys, manage the course programs and receive direct feedback from your customers . VISIOWEB for you that you train With VISIOWEB you can do many things, including: Surfing the Internet Web is the application that allows you to connect to the Internet, as if you were at home. From here you can access your favorite social media, read news in online newspapers or check emails. Simply put, connect to the world! Watching TV If you're training hard and want your hands free, you have 200 digital and analog TV channels to watch. VISIOWEB also supports IPTV, a system that uses the broadband internet connection to broadcast high-quality radio and television content. Listen to the radio and play During less demanding workouts, if you click on this button you will find 100 digital and analogue radio channels and different games, including Backgammon, Sudoku and card solos. Thanks to the special dock on the left side, you can connect your iPod or iPhone to the device. You can recharge it, listen to your songs, watch your videos and record the workout on your Nike + Gym App, without using the sensor of the shoe.

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