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Recline Forma - Technogym Usato - wellness outlet


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1 000,00€

Physical activity, relaxation and fun
Ergonomic surfaces made with absolutely innovative materials are particularly comfortable and pleasant to the touch.

Shipping costs and VAT are excluded.

The adjustable backrest allows you to train without straining the back muscles.
Recline is a reclined bike that allows the strengthening of the upper part of the leg muscles and is particularly suitable for those who have to do cardiovascular activity, and in particular for those who want to tone the lower limbs without overloading the back.

Product Plus
Perfect balance of shapes and colors that define the product design
The seats guarantee maximum comfort and respect of the anatomical curves
Smooth and silent movement thanks to the Smooth Motion electro-magnetic belt resistance system
Goal Oriented Display: facilitates the interaction between the user and the tool by monitoring performance and objectives.
The CPR training mode (patent pending) allows easy programming of training at constant heart rate
Training of the cardiovascular system
Improvement of respiratory capacity
Reduction of adipose tissue

Height 150 cm.
Length 110 cm.
Width 52 cm.
Net Weight 67 Kg.

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