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Full Gym Panatta Expression 1th offer - Wellness Outlet

This product is no longer in stock


15 000,00€

Panatta Expression full gym offer

17 remanufactured machines (see further information)

12 months warranty

Transport costs and VAT are excluded.

The machines are as follows:

n. 1 Lat machine
n. 1 Chest press
n. 1 Leg extension
n. 1 Leg press 45 loaded
n. 1 Leg curl extended
n. 1 Abdominal machine
n. 1 Adductor
n. 1 Crossover cables
n. 1 Multipower
n. 1 Low row
n. 1 Sitting calf FW hole 50 mm
n. 1 Horizontal bench
n. 1 Inclined Bench
n. 1 Lumbar bench
n. 1 adjustable bench
n. 1 Parallel combined + tractions
n. 1 Biceps machine

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